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Better Homes and Garden Feature

Steve Koon Landscape & Design is featured in the June 2009 issue of Better Homes and Garden.
See Mountain View Page 124

Tips from the Horticulturist

Bugs abound!  Control insects on your herbs and vegetables the organic way.

Every gardener will eventually run into insects whose sole purpose is to suck the life out of their prized vegetable patch.  

Symptoms of crop damaging insects' presence include: "Honeydew" or a sticky substance on the leaf surface;  Yellowing of leaves; Pieces of leaves cut off; Opaque "bubbles" formed on the leaf.  Fortunately, there are treatments to hold the populations of thesepests in check and they come from organic sources.  As always, proper identification of the type of insect doing the damage is necessary to form a control plan.  Steve Koon Landscape has many degreed horticulturists on staff that are trained to diagnose the problem and provide a solution.  Organic cultivation of plants must be comprehensive to ensure a healthy crop.  When cultural and physical solutions are overcome, the pest must be managed using natural substances which are safe for the plant and humans but not for the target pest.

Products like Neem extract, Sabadilla, Rotenone, Diatomaceous Earth, and homemade sprays are all appropriate organic treatments

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